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We at Vaughan Xpress and Lagrange Warehouse & Distribution Center have always prided ourselves in being a "customer first" company. We also consider our employees family and therefore we are striving to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy.

The COVID-19 outbreak has put pressure on carriers to find a way to keep the U.S. supply chain moving to provide essential supplies to Americans while at the same time protecting drivers and other personnel from exposure to the virus.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, America needs truckers now more than ever to deliver essential supplies like food and medicine. Americans are relying on the transportation industry to pull together and do more, even in the face of an unprecedented set of challenges.

We have quickly learned that we can’t just stop the driver onboarding process because of the threat of infection. Instead, we are making careful and rapid adaptations to cut down on the risk of exposure for our customers, our drivers and other staff members.
We have implemented the following practices:

* Provide PPE to our drivers and other employees that come into direct contact with each other and          customers.
*Implement clear guidelines for drivers to follow if they feel that they are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms
*Practice the CDC recommended guidelines within our offices and warehouses.
*Limiting visitors to the office area of our companies and practicing frequent sanitization of all common areas.
*Survey to ensure that all employees fully understand new COVID-19 safety procedures and policies. 
*Give all employees phone access to healthcare professionals via voice and video sessions who can help them understand their symptoms and guide them through the next necessary steps that they should take for treatment.
*Maintain a 24/7 line of communication open for our employees and customers should any needful circumstances arise.

Together we will all get through this history making moment in our country and prayerfully come out better on the other side.


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